Because our primary goal is breeding genetic-based mite resistance, no pesticides are ever used in our colonies or in our stored equipment. The result is our honey, beeswax and 5-frame nucs are all pesticide free.


We collect honey several times each season from our apiaries at Sunshine, Louisiana, just 12 miles from Baton Rouge. All of our honey is personally collected from the hive and brought to you just like the bees gave it to us – raw and unheated—preserving its natural goodness, composition, and crystalline beauty. Food safety and cleanliness is our focus beginning in the hive and continuing until the cap goes on the bottle. Gallon containers can be purchased (approximate weight is 12 lbs) by ordering through this website. Cost per gallon is $39 each or $35 each for a minimum 3 gallons. Pickup is in Baton Rouge.

It is generally understood that wax can be a reservoir for pesticides. However, we sell only cappings wax which has been produced in our own, pesticide-free hives and has been solar melted. The price is $10 per pound. Minimum order is ten pounds.

We have a modest number of 5-frame nucs for sale each spring. Each nuc has three frames with brood, one solid frame of honey, about two pounds of bees, and a young, naturally mated VSH queen. The price is $140. Nucs must be picked up in Baton Rouge, LA.