Because our primary goal is breeding genetic-based mite resistance, no pesticides or toxic chemicals are ever used in our colonies or in our stored equipment. Therefore, our bees, honey, and beeswax are never exposed to toxins inside the hive.


We collect honey several times each season from our apiaries at Sunshine, Louisiana, about 10 miles from Baton Rouge. Our honey is always in our control – produced by our bees, then collected and bottled by us. Our honey is raw, which means that it has not been heated or highly filtered. Some may have the impression that raw honey is cloudy or that it should contain grit or wax particles to give it an earthy or organic appearance. In fact, fresh, raw honey is crystal clear when in the honeycomb and should appear so in the bottle. Food safety and cleanliness is our focus beginning in the hive and continuing until the bottle is capped. This year we are selling honey in gallon containers only. A gallon of honey weighs almost 12 pounds. Cost per gallon is $39 ($3.30 per lb) or $35 each ($3.00 per lb) when ordering 3 gallons or more. We offer free delivery in the Baton Rouge area for orders of 10 gallons or more. Gallons can be ordered through this website and can be picked up at our home in south Baton Rouge, We don’t ship honey.

Our beeswax, collected only from cappings from extracting honey, is then solar melted. It is a buttery bright yellow color in blocks approximately one pound each. The price is $8 per pound plus shipping. Wax orders three pounds and more are priced at $6 per pound plus shipping.