Commitment to Purity

We sell honey, beeswax, and nucs that are pesticide free. We would not be able to select for genetic-based mite resistance if we used any pesticides in our colonies or in our stored equipment. Therefore our honey, beeswax, bees and bee equipment have never been exposed to pesticides or pesticide residues.  

Harbo Bee Company serves as a source for honey bees that are resistant to Varroa destructor, the parasitic mite that has been the number one beekeeping problem for the past 40 years.

Since the inception of Harbo Bee Company ten years ago, we have continued to scientifically select our bees for varroa sensitive hygiene (VSH), a genetic trait of the honey bee that has been repeatedly proven to control varroa.

The result is our major product -- our VSH breeder queens, queens which possess twice as many VSH alleles as a colony needs to control mites without any additional chemical treatment. This high level of VSH enables the next generation of queens to produce mite-resistant colonies – even if those queens mate with non-VSH drones.

Our customers are professional and sideline queen producers within the USA who are committed to adding VSH resistance into their bees and into their queens they sell to American beekeepers.