During the past seven years Harbo Bee Company has served as a source for honey bees that are resistant to Varroa destructor, the parasitic mite that has been the world-wide number one beekeeping problem for the past 40 years. Our goal is to enable queen producers to incorporate varroa resistance into their bees. We select for and propagate varroa sensitive hygiene (VSH), a genetic trait that enables worker bees to control mites. Our major products are queens (VSH breeder queens) that will produce daughter queens that will produce varroa resistant colonies even when mated to drones that do not carry the VSH alleles. Our customers are professional and sideline queen producers within the USA who want bee colonies that do not need miticide treatments to control varroa.


We will not be offering breeder queens for sale in 2019. We plan to focus our resources on evaluating new selection methods and expanding the diversity of our varroa resistant bees. Our intent is to resume selling breeder queens in 2020.


We will continue to sell honey locally and beeswax (local or shipped anywhere).