John and Carol Harbo are the owners and operators of Harbo Bee Company.

John earned a PhD degree in Entomology from Cornell University and has been working with honey bees since 1967. As a researcher, he developed equipment and techniques for artificial insemination and germplasm storage, developed techniques for selective breeding of bees, and produced the first varroa-resistant honey bees (1995). In 2001, the varroa resistant trait (called SMR, later renamed VSH) was released to the beekeeping industry. After his retirement in 2005, he and Carol established Harbo Bee Company and have continued the work of breeding mite-resistant bees.

Carol earned an MBA from Louisiana State University and operated a full service Baton Rouge advertising agency for ten years. She not only manages the finances of Harbo Bee Company but works in the apiary with the bees, especially during queen production and honey removal. She maintains queen and colony records and is in charge of honey sales and marketing. Carol also organizes all equipment and travel associated with consulting and training.