2018 Breeder Queens


       Artificially inseminated VSH resistant breeder queens that have already been laying will be available to you as early as possible in spring, which usually means early April.

      Each breeder queen is grafted from a high performing VSH mother queen and is artificially inseminated with semen from different VSH colonies.  Thus, she has 100% of the VSH alleles. Each queen has been laying for about ten days and has been evaluated for good brood production and absence of queen cells.  When you graft from this VSH breeder, her daughters will produce mite resistant colonies even when free mated with non-VSH drones.

      Each laying VSH breeder queen is $300. Shipping per order is $35 USPS priority express mail. Live delivery is guaranteed. Please see Ordering tab for details on placing your order.

       Note:  We are not currently offering breeder queens before they begin to lay as we have the in past. We may offer those queens later in the season or next year, but this  spring we are focusing on laying breeders and insemination services.


Your Queens Inseminated

with VSH Semen


      Like many queen producers you may have select stock that you want to preserve. This is an opportunity to add mite resistance to your stock’s genetics.

      Send your virgin queens to us for insemination using semen from our VSH resistant drones. This service can be available as early in this season as mid February depending upon the weather in Louisiana. Total time involved is about one week from when we receive your queens, inseminate them, and return them to you.

       Details: Virgin queens need to be at least 9 days old at the time of shipping, but not older than 14 days. We will examine them for physical flaws and then inseminate each queen with 7±1 microliters of semen and give two CO2 treatments to stimulate ovary development. We will clip and mark them unless you have already done so. If we receive the queens on Tuesday or Wednesday, we will send them back to you on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

      When we return your inseminated queens, you will be responsible for introducing them. Of course, you need to do that with any queen you receive, but these queens are different. They will not have laid eggs before you receive them, so they will require a more gradual introduction to the bees. However, once an artificially inseminated queen has begun to lay eggs, she can be treated as any other laying queen. See FAQS Introducing Queens for methods that work best for us.

       Please note that these queens will not carry as much of the VSH trait as our breeder queens unless your stock has been grafted from a VSH breeder.  However, they should have significant resistance if you have some VSH in the virgins you send.

      If you do not already have VSH in your virgin queens, this will be a beginning. Colonies produced by the inseminated queens you receive will be 50% VSH and therefore, should have mite resistance. 

       The cost is $100 per inseminated queen with a minimum order of 5 queens and a maximum of twelve. Shipping cost is $35 additional.  Live delivery is guaranteed.