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Since only the worker bees express the VSH trait, we evaluate the worker progeny of each queen that we graft from (our breeder queen) to ensure that her daughters (queens as well as workers) possess the VSH trait at a high level.  Therefore, when we produce a breeder queen for sale (your breeder queen), her sisters have been tested. We similarly test the sisters of the queen that produces the drones used to inseminate your breeder queen.  The progeny of your breeder queen is not tested.

However, before we ship a laying queen (Option 3), we keep each one in a nuc for about ten days after she has begun to lay eggs to ensure that she is producing a decent brood pattern, is moving well on the comb, has had no queen cells started, and has no injuries nor frayed wings. Testing her progeny would add six more weeks to the process. 

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